Potential Energy


Grace has been learning about potential energy in science, and she wanted to write a fictional bit incorporating the concept.Β  I think she did a great job. πŸ™‚


I chewed on the metal end of my pencil as Miss Meyer talked about potential energy and how it’s all around us. Cordelia was braiding her long brown hair pretending to listen to the teacher. My hand raised to my bright red ponytail. Fawn tapped my desk and slipped a note into my hand. I unfolded the crumpled paper and read the note. I sighed. It read:


Dear Crystal,

Cordelia rubs mayo in her hair to get it that shiny! Don’t worry about her.



Stop reading this and pay attention!


Fawn didn’t understand. Her hair’s black, or at least I think it is. It’s always got so many colors in it, sometimes it’s hard to tell!


β€œMiss Williams!” Miss Meyer snapped me back into reality. I raised my eyes to match hers and hid the note in my pocket.


β€œYes ma’am?”


Miss Meyer frowned. β€œI said that we will be having a test on energy next week, and for preparations, you will write a report on potential energy. Then, you will finish these work sheets and…”

* * *

Fawn and I walked down the crowded hallway and played Words with Friends on our phones.

β€œSo, I hear you’ve been having trouble with homework, huh?” Fawn asked. I groaned.

β€œIf I get one more F, I’ll fail!” I cried. Fawn raised her eyebrows.

β€œYou’ll fail the whole grade?” I hung my head.

β€œNo, I’ll fail at life! My mom said she’d see about getting me that new Tatu album, but only if I ace this test. And I can’t even take the test if I fail this homework!”

β€œOh. Well, what if I help you study? I’m good at the whole ‘good grades’ thing,” Fawn said.

I smiled. β€œSorry Fawn, Mom said no help. Hey wait, how’s β€œbrr” a word? Cheater!” Fawn laughed.

* * *

My rickety, blue bike clattered down the street. Suddenly, my chain broke, and I was thrown into a ditch. Cordelia and her followers sped past, laughing. I sighed. Cold mud stuck to my school uniform as I dragged my bike out of the ditch. It was a short walk home, but it felt like hours. I had to walk around the gate to get into the neighborhood, and part of the mud fell off. I slammed the front door behind me and shuffled into the kitchen. Mom was peeling potatoes by the sink. She had her frizzy red hair held back by a bandanna. She smiled and gave me a quick hug.

β€œDid your chain break again?” she said.


β€œPut your socks in the hamper and do your homework, ‘kay?”


I ran upstairs and flopped on my bed. My notebook was still in my desk at school, so I had to tear a page out of my diary. I stared at the blank paper, trying to think of some examples of potential energy. I sighed. I grabbed my cell, ready to beg Fawn to help me, when I realized something. My phone wasn’t doing anything, just sitting there, until I moved it. I let my phone fall to my bed. It left an imprint on my fluffy pillow. I smiled. My phone had potential energy! If my phone had potential energy, then almost everything in my room had potential energy, too! I grabbed my pencil and started writing. Tatu album, here I come! πŸ˜‰


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