Chocolate: How Evil Can It Be?


Part of Grace’s social studies work each week is to find, read, and summarize two articles about current events.  This week she found an article on a topic that is a very big deal in our home…the slavery and child labor used in harvesting cocoa and producing chocolate.  She wanted to share her summary of the article with you.  We hope you’ll join us in refusing to purchase brands that support and use these unforgivable practices.


Chocolate is one of America’s favorite candies, but the way it goes from plant to chocolate is more bitter than sweet.


About 70 to 75% of the world’s cocoa comes from farms in Africa. At those farms there are about 200,000 children that are forced to grow and harvest cocoa beans. To make matters worse, the average American eats up to 11 pounds of chocolate a year, mostly at Easter and Halloween.


Fortunately, some companies are working toward slave-free candy. For example, Hershey’s is  releasing a new line of Hershey’s Bliss that will be slave-free.


Also, there are some ways that people can avoid evil chocolate, like looking at the label for symbols like fair trade or rain forest alliance. This means that your chocolate is slave-free. Another way to get slave-free candy is to look at where it came from. If it was grown in Africa, it was probably grown by slaves. If it came from Asia or America, there’s a chance your eating slave-free chocolate.


If you want more information on how to get non-evil chocolate, you can look at the article from CNN by clicking this link.  (“The bitter truth behind the chocolate in your Easter basket”)



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