Weekly Skills and Topics – April 9 through April 13


The week coming up will be a little busier for us than this past week…here’s what we’ll be up to:

  • Language Arts:  Grace will be finishing up her unit on descriptive writing.  (I’m sure you’ll find her final writing sample for the unit here on Monday.)  She’ll be beginning a new unit on writing short reports.  That’s everyone’s favorite, right? 😉  We’ll also be looking at figurative language, and, as always, grammar and spelling.
  • Math:  Grace did a fantastic job with graphing equations!  We have finished the official 5th grade curriculum for our state, so we’ll be moving on to review and enrichment.  This week we’ll be focusing on ratios.
  • Social Studies:  We will continue our routine of reviewing U.S. history and summarizing current events.
  • Science:  Grace will be finishing a unit on types of energy and beginning a unit on electricity.  We have some fun stuff planned for electricity. 😀
  • Mythology:  That pesky Persephone puppet show is all finished except for actually getting a video.  We’ll (I hope) get that accomplished this week.  We’ll also be doing some activities with Bellerophon and Pegasus.
  • Field Trips:  Grace will be learning about the “Wonders of Wetlands” at the nature center.  We’ll also be participating in an Explorer Club activity about animal signs and homes.

That’s what will be keeping us busy this week.  I’m sure we’ll have some random hikes and trips to the park thrown in for fun. 🙂  Have a great week!


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