Here is Grace’s final assignment from our descriptive writing unit.Β  I think she’s done a wonderful job of including comparisons and sensory details. πŸ™‚





I stood on the edge of the swaying dock listening to the waves. My dog, Carver, barked at seagulls. Salty wind whipped through my long, red hair. Under me, the water was a mix of purples and blues. The orange and red sunset was like something in one of my paintings. Suddenly, a white sailboat drifted toward me. I looked around, expecting someone to jump out and grab their boat back. Curiously, I stepped onto the boat. As soon as I did, my granddad’s head popped out from behind the sail. I jumped.


β€œGranddad!” I laughed. Granddad’s face was covered with sweat and dust.


β€œJade!” he shouted. β€œI thought you were in school!”


β€œIt’s summer break.”


β€œOh, well in that case, I guess it’s okay for you to take a ride in my boat.”


β€œAre you sure it’s safe?”


β€œOf course not!”


I laughed. β€œWhat could possibly go wrong?” I held onto the mast and pulled myself onto the boat. The swaying felt like being in a giant rocking chair. Granddad hoisted the sail just as the wind picked up. Carver jumped onto the boat, almost tipping it over. The waves under us pushed the boat, rocking us back and forth. Little fish darted around under the boat, making little bubbles come to the surface. Carver dipped his head under the water, trying to catch the bubbles. Soon, the sun vanished, and the stars came out. They burned and sizzled as the nightly auroras joined them in the sky. No one has ever questioned the force field, but that doesn’t mean no one should.


β€œ Granddad,” I said.




β€œWhy is the force field even there?”


β€œTo keep the air in, of course. Our natural force field died out centuries ago. We had nowhere to go, so we covered the planet in our own artificial shield.”


β€œJade! Dad!”


β€œDid you hear that?” I asked. I turned back to the dock. My mother was standing at the edge of the water, waving her arms.


β€œComing!” I smiled. Granddad and I pulled the sails down and paddled back to dock. As soon as we got there, my mother grabbed my arm.


β€œI told you to get back before dinner,” she said. I looked back at the stars and smiled. I really need to get out more often!





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  1. Great story, Grace. I love it!!! I could see you and Granddad out in the little sailboat just bobbing along with Carver with his head up catching the breeze. It makes me feel invigorated! Thanks, I needed just that kind of story! I love you very much! Grandma Judy

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