Convex and Concave Lenses


Part of Grace’s science assessment involved writing a story about convex and concave lenses.Β  A strange writing assignment, I know, but she’s done a great job with it. πŸ™‚

My little brother, William, tugged on my arm. His little blue monkey was battered and torn, but he wouldn’t give it up.


β€œNikki!” He shouted


β€œWhat is it?”


β€œBobo wants to go to the beach to see the yellow dolphins, please,” he said, a wide smile on his face. I smiled. William was sweet most of the time, but sometimes he pitched a fit.


β€œOf course we can go to the beach,” I said, looking at the little monkey. William calls the lake the beach and the ducks yellow dolphins. He has more imagination than I ever did. We walked the two blocks to the Nature Center and I carried him to the edge of the lake. William ran up to the white picket fence and sat on the top. The waves splashed against the rocks, splashing us once in a while. My red and black hair kept getting caught on my glasses because it was really windy, but William was having a blast. I spotted one of those tall pay binocular thingys and dug into my pocket for spare change. I had five quarters, so we should be able to afford enough time. I tugged on William’s arm and helped him climb of the fence. We took turns looking at the β€œyellow dolphins.” After a while, he found a little worm in the grass and started staring at it. I dug in my huge tote bag until I found a magnifying glass. William was having a staring contest with the worm when he suddenly started asking questions.


β€œNikki?” he said.




β€œ Why does the worm look so close to my eyeballs?” I smiled. William was so curious about everything. Once he even asked me why the sun was orange during the day and silver at night.


β€œBecause the glass in your magnifying glass is shaped funny.”


β€œHow’s that?”


β€œWell, the glass in a magnifying glass has got a thing called a convex lens that bends light to make the object look bigger. But, there’s also a special lens called a concave lens that bends light to make the object look smaller.”


β€œHow does it bend the light?”


β€œThe convex lens is the thickest in the middle, so if the light enters, it will bend with the glass. The concave lens is thinnest in the middle, so when light enters it, it bends and makes things look smaller.”




My cell phone rang Mom’s ring tone, so I was quick to pick it up.




β€œWhere are you?”


β€œAt the beach looking at the yellow dolphins.”


β€œAlright, but Clare came by and said to come over as soon as you can. She also said something about the Hunger Games….”


β€œOh! I’ll be right over!”


β€œOkay, Sweet. Bye.”


I slapped my phone shut and picked William up. He automatically laid his head on my shoulder, making it easier for me to see. Hunger Games, here I come!



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  1. I enjoyed the story. It was very interesting. Now I ,also, understand about concave and convex lenses. Miss you Sweetie and love you very much!!

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