Science Class: Yeast Experiments

Science Class: Yeast Experiments

Science class isn’t usually boring, and this month it rocked! We learned about yeast and how it lives.


We started off by pouring a packet of yeast into a bottle of water and shaking it for a while. Then, we divided the yeast-water into test tubes. After that, we poured sugar into one of the test tubes and left the other without. Last, we stretched a balloon over the top of each tube and moved on.


For our second experiment, we each got a plate and some flour. We poured yeast and sugar onto the flour and mixed them with our hands. Second, we poured some water onto our little pile of stuff and clumped it together into a ball of dough. Then, we took a straw and dug it into our ball, marking where it came up to on the straw. After that, we set the straw down and went out into the hall.


Last time we had science class, only half of us got to ride the hovercraft, so now the people who didn’t would get a chance. I stood in the “already rode” line and watched the craft float from one end of the hall to the other.


When we got back, the dough was halfway to the top of the straw. That was because the yeast gives off carbon dioxide while eating the sugar in the dough, pushing the clump up the straw.


The balloon over the sugar-yeast-water test tube were so inflated, I wasn’t sure if it was going to stay on there or not! That was also because of the carbon dioxide.


The teacher said that next time we were going to the park for class, so we had to remember to remind our parents. Can’t wait!!



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  1. I don’t think I did either. If I did , I have forgotten it! I loved science later on in school. How was Grace’s class at “Young Writer’s Academy?” I’m very interested in that. Did I miss a post? I’ll go back and look. Love you, Sweetie!!

  2. All of the awesome science opportunities available for homeschool are amazing! I wouldn’t have guessed it before we started doing this.

    Grace’s YWA class was okay. She said the activities were fun, but the “public school kids” were loud and annoying. (That’s what she said…not me!) They actually had a substitute for the class yesterday, so we’re hoping things will be calmer (and quieter) next week. She is *very* excited about the story that she started brainstorming about for the class. 🙂

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