Skills and Topics: April 23 through April 27


I know this is shocking, but we have a crazy-busy week coming up.  So unlike us, right? 😉  Here’s what we’ll be up to:

  • Language Arts:  Grace is almost finished reading Divergent (already!), so she’ll be working on her book review for that and starting The City of Ember.  She’ll also continue working on writing short reports and research skills.  As always, grammar and spelling are on the agenda.
  • Math:  We are in review mode for math.  We’re tackling the basics right now…basic operations, rounding, decimals, etc.  Grace is also really enjoying IXL and XtraMath for math review.  (I’ll be adding info about those to the resources page soon.)
  • Science:  We have officially finished up with the state curriculum, so we’ll be doing all sorts of review activities…lots of experiments and hands-on stuff as well as reading and vocabulary activities.
  • Social Studies:  Grace is still reading The Smart Aleck’s Guide to American History and working on summarizing news articles about current events.  (This will actually be our social studies plan for a while.)
  • Mythology:  We’ll be working on the story of Narcissus and Echo for the next week and a half or so.  At that point, we’ll be all finished with mythology.  Grace has decided that she learned all she set out to learn in this area, so we’ll be moving on to another subject of her choosing.
  • Field Trips:  In addition to Young Writers’ Academy, Grace will be attending Young Scientists’ Day at the Nature Center.  We’ll also be participating in an activity to learn more about “Amazing Seeds.”

That should keep us hopping for most of the week. 🙂  Have a wonderful week!


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