Science Day at the Nature Center


Today was not like everyday school; all we did was science. But, we did a science day activity at the Latta Plantation Nature Center, so I guess it’s okay. ;^)

First, we did a little bit with rocks. There were six boxes with one rock each. We had to guess what type of rock it was based on the information we found. That section was okay, but the next one was even better.

Next, we did a chemical reaction class. We each got a cup and a spoon and were told to start mixing. First, (and just for fun) we dropped a Mentos in a bottle of Coke and watched it fizz. Then we started pouring random things into cups and writing down the reactions.

After that, we went to the polymer section and sat at a table covered with a big cloth. We were each given a cup filled with water and some containers filled with different stuff. We poured just a little bit of Borax and corn starch into the water and stirred until there was no more powder. Then, we poured four spoonfuls of glue in it and counted to thirty. After that, (this was my favorite part) we started poking the lump of glue with our spoons. Finally, we pulled out the glob and started playing with it. The teacher said the more we played with it, the better our new silly putty would be. And, yes, I did take it home with me. I wasn’t just going to leave all my hard work in a trash can, would you? ;^)

Last, we went to the microscope section to play with (well, I guess we were really learning) microscopes. We went over the parts of a microscope and made our own slides. First, you put your specimen on the slide and put a drop of dye or water on it. Then, you press the cover on the specimen and use a paper towel to soak up all the extra dye. Simple, huh? This science trip was really fun, and I know we’ll be back soon.


Happy learning!



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