The City of Ember Book Review


What would it be like if your city was failing, and every time the lights went out you had to freeze, praying that the darkness wouldn’t stay. That’s what it’s like in The City of Ember, the latest book I’ve read. It’s about a dying city and a forgotten way out.

Lina Mayfleet and and Doon Harrow are used-to-be friends, and they each have totally different jobs. Lina runs around delivering messages and gossip as a messenger, while Doon fixes pipes underground. Most people would rather pull carts than fix moldy pipes, but Doon likes being underground. That’s where both the generator and the river are. He thinks there’s a way to fix the rickety generator and stop the lights from flickering. For centuries, the artificial lights of the great city of Ember had kept the endless darkness out, but the blackouts are getting longer and longer….

The Builders had a way to leave Ember, but that was lost long ago. As far as the people know, Ember is the only light in the dark world. But when Lina’s little sister finds a little safe in the back of the closet, Lina finds that Ember’s glow is growing dimmer by the second, and only she and Doon can find the light. Will Lina and Doon find the way out of Ember, or will they be left in the dark? Find out in The City of Ember, written by Jeanne DuPrau.

I love this book, and I think my friends would, too. You can almost never tell what’s going to happen in the next chapter, but you know it’s going to be great. In some places, I wanted to skip ahead and see what was going to happen, but I didn’t want to tear myself away from what I was reading at the moment.

My favorite character is Doon, because he pays attention to the world around him. He notices things most people just pass over.

Happy reading!


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