Ambushed: Part 7


I had already been living in the school for weeks before I realized I was the “Lost Soul of Snowfield Academy.” I was looking at myself in my newly sewn dress when I heard some of the kids talking. I crept up to a crack in the ceiling and caught a glimpse of the students. There were two girls and one boy. The taller girl was a brunette, and the shorter girl had dyed her hair a bright blue. The boy looked a little older than the girls, he looked less like a child and more like an adult. Dark-haired girl was talking about the Lost Soul like it was a legend.


People say that her parents didn’t get her a single toy, but they made them themselves. They got their daughter whatever she wanted, but she was never spoiled. They say she would come to the school at night, climb into the attic, and play with the little wooden puppets her mother made her. She would come so often that she sometimes would fall asleep and run home in the morning. But one night, after the girl had played all day, she fell asleep as soon as she got to the school. When she woke up, she realized she had lost her little puppet. She searched and searched. While she hunted, she tripped on a hammer and hit her head on a toolbox. She died from the damage to her skull.” Brunette stopped for dramatic effect. “She still roams the school, searching for her favorite wooden doll.” Blue-hair girl snorted.


You seriously believe that stuff, Shauna?” she asked. Shauna looked offended.


Sure, Lynn, don’t you?” she asked. Lynn was about to answer, but the boy pitched in.


I don’t think it’s completely accurate, but I do think a little girl might have lost her doll here a long time ago,” he said. Shauna was ready for the hit and struck back.


Oh yeah, how would you explain all the pounding in the ceiling and that whispering coming from the attic?” she shot. The boy ducked his head, blushing.


I didn’t think so.”


Lynn shrugged. “I still think the whole thing’s just a story the teachers made up to scare us,” she said. Shauna was not going to have Lynn ruin all her fun.


How about this? You and I will stay here overnight and tell each other’s parents were staying at Anna’s house. If we don’t see a ghost, I’ll do your homework for a month. If we do see a ghost,we’ll run for our lives and never come back again. Deal?” Lynn smiled. “Deal.”


I decided to make their trip worthwhile. I’d need a lacy but torn dress, some makeup, and I’d need to practice my little girl voice. ;^)



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