Ambushed: Part 8


I sprinted over to my chest, ready to scare some kids. During school hours, two girls decided to stay here overnight to find out if the school was haunted. I felt that I should give them what they apparently wanted, a good scare.

I unlocked the acting class chest with an old silver key hanging from my necklace and dug through piles of clothes, wigs, makeup, and jewelery. I pulled out a torn and burned lace dress, nodding. This looks like something a little dead girl would wear, I thought. Next, I got out a pair of white leather shoes and white stockings. Then, I got out a big briefcase. I popped it open and the sides swung out, revealing an old mirror. Makeup and brushes of every sort lay in front of me. Finally, I pulled out a silver pig’s-hair brush. I didn’t need the blond wig; my hair was already blond.

I slipped the dress over my head and tied the shoes tightly. The last thing I needed was for my shoes to come untied while I was trying to scare people. I brushed my hair and opened the makeup kit. Using the pencils, I drew a big, bruised scar on the side of my head. Quickly, I grabbed the wooden doll I found and sat at the edge of the stairs that lead to the attic, waiting. Soon enough, the front door slammed and the trembling voice of Shauna appeared.

Are you sure we should still do this?” she asked. “My mom didn’t really buy the whole ‘going to Lynn’s house’ thing.” Lynn shrugged.

If you’re too scared to go through with this, I can go ahead and give you my math homework,” she said smugly. Even in the dark I could see the relaxed smirk on her pierced face. Shauna sighed. They were each carrying a sleeping bag, a toothbrush, and a set of school clothes. Only Shauna had brought a book.

They walked into the boys’ bathroom, giggling.

I always wondered what it was like in here. Now I know. Gross,” Lynn said, smiling. They brushed their teeth and took turns changing in the supply closet. While Shauna was changing, I dropped my doll in the attic. I heard Shauna gasp. “What was that?” she asked, her voice trembling. Before Lynn could answer, Shauna broke in. “I bet it was just something in the attic falling over,” she said. Then, I had an idea. I knocked the attic floor. Hard. Lynn gasped. I knocked again. “Knock knock. Who’s here” I said in my best little girl sing-song voice. Shauna burst out of the closet and, based on her annoyed grumble, right into Lynn.

I walked down the stairs and toward the closet, my face blank. “I found my doll,” I said as high-pitched as I could muster. “You wanna help me play with it?” I said. Shauna screamed and flew back into the closet. Lynn opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Finally, Lynn spoke up.

Um,” she said, her voice weak. “By order of the…um…shadow proclamation, I uh, demand you to-” but Shauna broke in.

I don’t think ghosts watch Doctor Who, Lynn,” she shouted. The sarcasm in her voice was too strong, and Lynn snapped back.

Oh yeah, well what do you think we should do?” she asked.


It’s a little late for that!”

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I burst out laughing. Lynn raised her eyebrows, and Shauna peeked out from the closet. Lynn boiled over and screamed, “What the heck are you laughing about!!” I wiped a tear from my eyes and looked up at the two girls.

Instead of answering, I said, “You know, I could really use your help,” Shauna finally emerged from the closet.

What kind of help?” she peeped. I explained what had happened to me and why I was here in the first place. Then, I explained why it would be good for them to help me. They both looked amazed.

Wow,” Shauna whispered. “Of course we can help you.” Lynn nodded. I smiled. Lynn looked down at her watch.

We should really be going to sleep,” she grumbled. Leave it to a school girl to ruin our night. “Good night, Nari,” she said. They both smiled and walked into the library where they had put their sleeping bags. I smiled. I watched my two new helpers drift off to sleep and allowed myself to do the same.


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