Freezing Point Fun


Today was a science and social studies day, so I got to do an experiment.  I’d been learning the states of matter, so we did a little thing with ice, water, a bowl, rock salt, and a Dijon mustard bottle.

First, we filled the bottle half-full with water and placed it in a bowl.  Then, we filled the bowl up with ice cubes.  After that, we poured rock salt over the ice and stuck a thermometer in the water.  We set the timer for one minute and waited.  The temperature dropped significantly at first, but then slowed down.  In the beginning, there was no ice.  We had to wait until the temperature was below the freezing point because of the rock salt.  Unfortunately, the thermometer was a cooking thermometer so it only went down to 32 degrees.  All we know is that ice started to form a little below the normal freezing point.

The ice moved down the bottle ‘till it reached the bottom, but it wasn’t solid.  We went out on the porch and finished science for the day before checking on the water again.  When we got back, the water was frozen solid!  I could lift the jar using the little thermometer.   It was a fun experiment that someone could do in just an hour.

Happy learning!


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