Get to Know a Tree


Get to know a tree,

So you will always be,

In good company,

Get to know a tree!

Those are the lyrics to the song Emily wrote during the Family Nature Explorer Club, or as she calls it, the Family Nature Explorer Gang.

This time it was about, as you could probably guess, getting to know a tree.  We looked at some “tree cookies” and counted rings to find how old they were. The cookies were just slabs of tree that had been sanded down to be smooth.  You can tell how old they are by counting every two rings starting in the center.

After that, we set off to get to know a tree.  We went down the fairy house trail (that’s just what I call it) and found two really pretty trees.

The first tree we found was the Rainbow Tree, an arched Sweet Gum with citrusy-smelling leaves.  The bark was rough and smooth on different parts and the leaves only grew on the top of the arch.  We saw some webs, but no actual animals.

The next tree we saw was the Lots O’ Lichen, a pretty tree that started as one trunk and branched off into two.  It had mossy bark and lichen all over one branch.  The leaves were long ovals that smelled like grass.  We saw lots of spiders, but no webs.

As we were leaving the trail, I saw a really pretty sea foam Luna Moth.  Emily stopped and took lots of pictures, which you can see on the right of this post.

We had lots of fun and learned about trees all at the same time!

Happy learning!


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