Discovery Place Chemistry


This month at the Discovery Place science class, we learned about chemistry. We mixed things, watched things, felt things, and even sniffed things!

We started off with some simple reactions, like vinegar and baking soda. Then, we talked about the four things you can look for to prove there is a chemical reaction going on. Those four things are bubbles, change in color, change in temperature, and change in the state of matter. For example, if two liquids are poured together and the color changes, that could show there is a chemical reaction. To really get a grasp on it, we did a little experiment. We poured a red liquid into a mix of baking powder and some other substance(Sorry, I can’t remember the name.). Once we saw any change, we were to close the bag and shake it. In this case it started to turn yellow and get hot. After a while it was just a warm, sticky, yellow clump floating in red liquid.

My favorite part was another experiment, and I love it so much because we got to make something explode.

We used hydrochloric acid, zinc, a plastic bottle, a glass bottle, a little plastic tube, and a lighter. First, we put the zinc in the glass bottle. Then, we poured sixty milliliters of hydrochloric acid in the bottle with the zinc. After that, we attached the tube to both the glass and plastic bottles, leading the gas from the zinc into the plastic bottle.

Here’s the thing, the plastic bottle didn’t have a bottom. But, since this gas rose, it stayed in and pushed all the air out of it. We caught the top of the plastic bottle on fire and waited. At first, the flame looked clear, but then it got more and more orange, Finally, when it was as orange as it was going to get, the inside of the bottle went bright and there was a loud POW! Oxygen had been working its way back into the bottle, and if you get enough oxygen and hydrogen in a place close to fire, BOOM!!

I had a lot of fun and can’t wait for the next one!

Happy learning!


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