Skills and Topics – May 14 through May 18


We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t have a busy week planned. 🙂  Here’s what our busy week will involve:

  • Language Arts:  Grace will finish reading The Giver (our book club book).  She will also complete her final short report (she’s writing about the parts of a circuit).  As always, spelling and grammar are on the agenda.
  • Math:  We will keep up with our review activities.  IXL and XtraMath are still being used daily.
  • Science:  Grace will continue her review activities in science.  This week, our review includes making an accelerometer and an experiment with potential and kinetic energy.
  • Social Studies:  Grace has really been enjoying CNN Student News.  We’ll continue watching this short, daily program and using the discussion questions provided to guide our conversations.  (Thanks, Amy!)  We’re also still working our way through The Smart Aleck’s Guide to American History.
  • Field Trips:  Grace has two science classes, a writing class, and “Migration Madness” this week.  We’ll also be heading outside for some quality outdoor-school time….if it would ever stop raining. 😉

Have a great week!


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