Science Class Field Trip


I know I just had science class Monday, but this is about a different Science Center and a field trip.

We boarded the buses and headed to the park to look at the wetlands. We were greeted by a horde of ducks and geese. The teachers gave us a clipboard with a paper that had three categories: consumers, producers and decomposers. We put ducks down under “consumers” and went on with the trip. We saw mostly ducks, but also some fish and turtles. We put those on the list and moved on.

Next, we found lichen. I was about to put it under producers, but the teacher stopped me. She said that lichen was actually a decomposer, and that it was a plant, not a fungus.

This trip was another example of why homeschool rocks WAY more than public school (in my opinion). Here’s a few reasons why:

1. One kid asked if he could walk around like a crab for the rest of the trip and the teacher said “sure.” He spent the rest of the day on the ground.

2. Instead of being in an orderly line, we were a small mob.

3. We were allowed to talk.

4. We didn’t have to be part of a big group.

5. The people my age weren’t annoying.

The only new thing I really learned was that lichen is a plant, but review is always great. We got in touch with nature and got some walking done all at the same time! Plus we got to see baby ducks. Who doesn’t like baby ducks? ;^)

Doesn’t science rock?


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