Narrative: Surfing


We have begun a review of different types of writing, and today we tackled narratives.  Here is the short story Grace wrote to show her narrative-writing skills.  I think she’s done another fabulous job! 😀


Alex didn’t understand why Becky was so nervous. Her hard legs and strong arms were perfect for surfing. She even looked like a beach girl. Her black hair was in a short side braid and her skin was darkly tanned. Becky’s arms and legs were long like Alex’s, but weak. Even her tan didn’t look as intense. The best friends were going to the beach, the only place to be in Hawaii.

“Remember to keep your legs parted and your stomach muscles tight,” Alex whispered. Becky was shaking so much she could barely hold her black and red board.

“Here we go,” she said, her voice surprisingly strong. She ran up to the edge of the shore, throwing both the board and herself onto the water. She pushed her arms through the water, sending her and her board shooting toward the nearest wave. Not at all scared, she forced herself farther up the hill of water. Slowly, she brought her arms up to the board and pushed herself upward. She was standing. Over on the shore, Alex was jumping up and down and shouting. After a few minutes of surfing, her board jolted forward, and Becky was plunged into the cool ocean water. Soon, she resurfaced, laughing. Okay, she thought. Maybe I need a little more practice.


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