Ambushed: Part 9


I awoke to the sound of Shauna loudly flipping pages in the library, giggling. I peeled my head off the damp floor and shook Carver awake. He growled and snapped playfully. I smiled. Quickly, I pulled a brush through my hair and threw on a clean ruffled black skirt and black T-shirt that had both loose long sleeves and straps. I hopped down stairs and crept into the library. When Shauna looked up, she smiled.


“Morning!” She whisper-shouted. When she saw my new clothes, her eyebrows pulled together.


“What?” I quietly asked.


“Where do you get your clothes?”


“Costume bin in the attic. There’s some really good stuff in there!”


Shauna’s eyes grew big.


“What now?”


“You have a dog,” she said, her eyes not moving. I glanced back at Carver and nodded.


“It’s okay, he won’t bite.” Carver ran up to Shauna and jumped on her, licking her face. Shauna tried to contain her laugh, but failed. She covered her mouth, waiting for Lynn to snap at her. When nothing happened, I pulled the covers off of the sleeping bag and saw nothing. Lynn was gone.


“Where could she have gone?” Shauna asked. I shrugged. I lock the bathroom doors at night, so she couldn’t have been there.


“You go check the cafeteria and I’ll take the halls,” I said. I ran down the main hall and through all the classrooms when the door suddenly swung open. Three men dressed in black ran toward me with a really big bag. I wasn’t going to get dragged out of here and they totally just ruined my good mood, so I decided to fight. One man threw a punch, but I ducked and kicked the back of his leg, sending him to the ground. Another one threw a punch at my head, which I easily dodged. He bent down to pick up his buddy’s pocket knife when I kicked him in the mouth, sending him running out. The last one grabbed my neck from behind, but I got a hold on his arm and threw him over me, crashing him onto his friend who was on the floor. After that I kicked him in the stomach, just for good measure. Shauna then ran into the main hallway, gasping.


“I heard the noise and…uh,” she stopped when she saw the men. “I see you made some new friends there,” she said. I nodded and ran out of the school.


“What about Carver? We can’t just leave him here!” Shauna said.


“He’ll be fine,” I said. When I saw that Lynn’s bike was missing, I grabbed mine and pedaled down the road. Shauna soon followed.


“Why are we leaving?” Shauna shouted over the wind.


“Because,” I said. “I think I know where Lynn is.”



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