Skills and Topics – May 29 through June 1


We have a crazier than normal week ahead.  We’ll actually only be having school for 3 days, but we’re going to make them count. 😉

  • Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies:  We will continue doing review activities in each subject.  🙂
  • Field Trips:  Grace has a class about kites coming up this week.  She’ll be learning to make and fly kites in addition to looking at the science behind kite flying.  She also has a survival hike…she’ll be learning how to take care of herself in the woods.  We’ll be going to her final class at Young Writers’ Academy this week where she will read her story for the group.  (I’m sure the story will be appearing here after her final class.)
  • Testing:  Yep, the time has come for us to take care of that pesky mandatory testing.  We’ll take care of that on Thursday.  I have seen Grace grow and learn so much this year…I’m not even a little worried about what those test results say, but we’ll both be glad to have it out of the way. 🙂  To celebrate, we’re taking the day off on Friday.  To top off a year well done?  Cake, ice cream, and a day at the pool. 😀
  • Where do we go from here?  We will be homeschooling again next year.  (Insert hoots and hollers of glee here.)  In order to not suffer from the summer slump (and to get a bit ahead), we’ll continue with our school pursuits as frequently as possible over the summer.  We’ll be taking things easy though.  We’re looking at short “school days” and afternoons spent swimming, hiking, and goofing off. 😉

Have a great week!


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