Skills and Topics – June 3 through June 6


For the most part, we are switching over to half-day/part-time school for the summer.  We will continue to review and do new activities in all subjects, but most of our days will be spent outside goofing off. 🙂  We do have a few things planned for this week:

  • Language Arts:  We will continue reading The Hero and the Crown.  We will also keep up with reviewing different types of writing.
  • Math:  Review, review, review.
  • Science:  We’ll be looking at a simple model of bacteria population growth.  A review lesson on behavior also awaits us.
  • Social Studies:  Grace will continue reading The Smart Aleck’s Guide to American History.  We’ll also keep watching CNN’s Student News.
  • Field Trips/Activities:  Our next Book Club meeting will be this week.  Grace has her last Discovery Place science class of the year, Sound as Vibration, this week, too.

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  1. This has been a fantastic year for y’all’s school. Grace, your scores on your test were fantastic! I am a proud grandmamma. I have enjoyed reading all of your stories and am still amazed at your imagination. Congratulation, Sweetie! I love you so very much!!!!!! 😉

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