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The Week in Pictures

The Week in Pictures

Well, last week in pictures, really. 😉  We actually have not disappeared, but we did only have two days of school last week.  Prepare yourself for some sketchy patches ahead, too…we’re only having three days of school this week, and then we leave for Alabama for a few days.  I’ll try to keep the blog updated a little better than I have this past week though. 🙂

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Sanrio Rocks! (A Business Letter)


Grace is practicing writing business letters.  For her sample, she chose to write to Sanrio (AKA: The Hello Kitty Store) to let them know how awesome they are.   She had it formatted beautifully on her computer, but the blog altered things a bit.  We’ve tried to clean it up, but the WordPress formatting is just not cooperating.  (Grrrrr.)  Also, we’re not crazy, so our address and stuff have been changed. 😉  And here it is…

2045 Millberry Road

Solitude, NC 27555

July 23, 2012

Sanrio, Inc.

570 Eccles Avenue

South San Fransisco, CA 94080


Dear Sanrio:

I am writing this letter to tell you how much I enjoy shopping at your stores. The service is always wonderful and the employees are very helpful. Whenever I go to one of your stores, I lighten up immediately. I am greeted cheerfully and told about any sales you are having. You and your stock never disappoint.


Grace Mathews

Grace Mathews      


Skills and Topics – July 23 through July 24


Yep, we’re only having school two days next week.  Between appointments, family birthdays, and other fun life stuff, it only makes sense for us to have school on Monday and Tuesday.  We’re hoping to get a lot accomplished in those two short days…here’s what we’ll be up to.

  • Language Arts:  Grace will continue reading Tangerine.  She will also continue working on her business letter, spelling, and grammar.
  • Math:  We will begin reviewing decimals this week (mostly using IXL).  We’ll also be doing a math lab that compares the area of circles with different radii.
  • Social Studies:  Grace is still working on The Smart Aleck’s Guide to American History.  We’re hoping to get this finished in the next week or so.  I’m really looking forward to getting started with ancient civilizations, and I think Grace is too.
  • Science:  We will finish up our review units with a look at the solar system.  We’ll also be testing out some new film canister rockets.  No Alka Seltzer this time. 😉
  • Spanish:  We will continue to review numbers.

That should certainly keep us busy for a couple of days. 🙂  Have a great week!

Camp H2O Award


Grace had a great week at camp!  She had more fun than you can shake a stick at, learned lots about water, and made some new friends.  I’ll be posting (a few) pictures on Sunday of her activities and creations, but today I wanted to share her camp award…because I’m super-proud.  She earned “The Glue” award for being a good leader, always helping others, and being “the glue” that held the group together.  What a fabulous description of Grace!  Even better than her getting the award?  As the camp leader was reading the description of the award, all of the kids started saying, “It’s Grace!  It’s Grace!”  How cool is that? 😀  (Of course the other kids did awesome stuff and earned awards too!)

Skills and Topics: July 16 through July 20


The skills and topics for the upcoming week are super-simple for me…because Grace will be at Camp H2O each day. 🙂  Here’s a rundown of what she’ll be up to:

  • searching for critters in streams
  • learning about water safety
  • investigating buoyancy
  • designing a boat
  • canoeing
  • learning about the water cycle
  • learning about watersheds
  • building a watershed
  • fishing
  • testing water quality
  • more searching for invertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles
  • playing at the water park

I think that sounds like a pretty good week. 😀

Since I won’t be at camp with Grace (why, oh, why isn’t there summer camp for grown ups???), our pictures and blog posts will be skimpy this week.  We’ll be up to our regular tricks in no time though. 😉

Gases Are Fluids


Grace and I did a fun little experiment yesterday that demonstrated the fluid properties of gases.

First we gathered up our materials: candle, lighter, measuring cup, vinegar, baking soda, spoon, and a piece of thick paper (cut to 12″ by 4″ and folded in half lengthwise).


We lit the candle and let it be all peaceful and glowy while we went to the next step.


We measured 1/4 cup vinegar into our measuring cup. Then we added a tablespoon of baking soda and enjoyed the show.


When the bubbling calmed a bit, we used the paper as a trough and “poured” the gas from the measuring cup. (If you’re doing this at home, make sure you don’t put the paper in the flame. Also, don’t pour any of the liquid on the flame…just tilt the measuring cup enough to let the gas on top “pour” out.)


And what do you think happened? Check back for the Week in Pictures this weekend, and I’ll let you know how our experiment turned out. 😉





Record Keeping


People frequently ask what my record-keeping and organization strategies are for homeschool.  In light of that, I thought I would add a page under our Resources tab for Record Keeping.  Today I’ve added our form for daily records…I’ll continue to add more forms and strategies as the weeks go by. 🙂

Record Keeping Link

The Week in Pictures

The Week in Pictures

It was super-hot this week and we had a crazy amount of “house-buying” stuff to do, but we still had fun…it really helped that some of our very favorite people, the crew from Turning Over a New Leaf, came for a visit (including their two very newest members). 🙂

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