Skills and Topics: July 10 – July 13


Grace and I are back at this school thing with enthusiasm.  Yes, Grace seems pretty enthusiastic, too.  She gave a lady the stink-eye yesterday for saying that having school in July is unfair…Grace even went so far as to ask her what was unfair about it.  I, meanwhile, became quite enchanted with the ceiling tiles, the carpet, and the wall colors as the two of them hashed it out.  Never fear, no one was injured. 😉  So, now that we’ve established that there is enthusiasm, I’ll let you know what we’re enthusiastic about for the upcoming week.

  • Language Arts:  Grace will continue reading Tangerine.  She is also practicing reading comprehension skills, spelling, and grammar.  We will begin a lesson on writing business letters next week as well.  I’m curious to see what business Grace finds worthy of writing to and why. 😉
  • Math:  We will continue with The Book of Perfectly Perilous Math (we started work with this yesterday) with a math lab involving pendulums and a challenge by the name of “Pizza Peril.”  Grace will also be practicing her sixth-grade math skills with IXL and her basic math skills with XtraMath.
  • Science:  Grace will finish up a review unit on diversity and adaptations and begin a new review unit on Earth’s structure (complete with a rather nifty experiment).
  • Social Studies:  We are working on finishing up The Smart Aleck’s Guide to American History.  (I want to get that all finished before we shift focus to ancient civilizations.)
  • Spanish:  Yep, we’ve added Spanish to the mix this year.  We’ll finish up a lesson on classroom objects and begin reviewing numbers.
  • Field Trips:  It is the perfect time for picking blackberries and making blackberry jam, so we’ll spend some quality time with the berries in the week ahead.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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