Skills and Topics: July 16 through July 20


The skills and topics for the upcoming week are super-simple for me…because Grace will be at Camp H2O each day. 🙂  Here’s a rundown of what she’ll be up to:

  • searching for critters in streams
  • learning about water safety
  • investigating buoyancy
  • designing a boat
  • canoeing
  • learning about the water cycle
  • learning about watersheds
  • building a watershed
  • fishing
  • testing water quality
  • more searching for invertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles
  • playing at the water park

I think that sounds like a pretty good week. 😀

Since I won’t be at camp with Grace (why, oh, why isn’t there summer camp for grown ups???), our pictures and blog posts will be skimpy this week.  We’ll be up to our regular tricks in no time though. 😉

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