Skills and Topics – July 23 through July 24


Yep, we’re only having school two days next week.  Between appointments, family birthdays, and other fun life stuff, it only makes sense for us to have school on Monday and Tuesday.  We’re hoping to get a lot accomplished in those two short days…here’s what we’ll be up to.

  • Language Arts:  Grace will continue reading Tangerine.  She will also continue working on her business letter, spelling, and grammar.
  • Math:  We will begin reviewing decimals this week (mostly using IXL).  We’ll also be doing a math lab that compares the area of circles with different radii.
  • Social Studies:  Grace is still working on The Smart Aleck’s Guide to American History.  We’re hoping to get this finished in the next week or so.  I’m really looking forward to getting started with ancient civilizations, and I think Grace is too.
  • Science:  We will finish up our review units with a look at the solar system.  We’ll also be testing out some new film canister rockets.  No Alka Seltzer this time. 😉
  • Spanish:  We will continue to review numbers.

That should certainly keep us busy for a couple of days. 🙂  Have a great week!

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