Sanrio Rocks! (A Business Letter)


Grace is practicing writing business letters.  For her sample, she chose to write to Sanrio (AKA: The Hello Kitty Store) to let them know how awesome they are.   She had it formatted beautifully on her computer, but the blog altered things a bit.  We’ve tried to clean it up, but the WordPress formatting is just not cooperating.  (Grrrrr.)  Also, we’re not crazy, so our address and stuff have been changed. 😉  And here it is…

2045 Millberry Road

Solitude, NC 27555

July 23, 2012

Sanrio, Inc.

570 Eccles Avenue

South San Fransisco, CA 94080


Dear Sanrio:

I am writing this letter to tell you how much I enjoy shopping at your stores. The service is always wonderful and the employees are very helpful. Whenever I go to one of your stores, I lighten up immediately. I am greeted cheerfully and told about any sales you are having. You and your stock never disappoint.


Grace Mathews

Grace Mathews      


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