Math Lab: A Look at Big Numbers (Blurry Pictures Free with Post!)


Grace is loving The Book of Perfectly Perilous Math!  Her most recent challenge involved solving a multi-step problem involving time and money to save herself from being vaporized by a security robot. 😉

We also did a math lab that involved Grace running around like a maniac in order to get beans from one part of the house to another…but she could only move one bean at a time…and she only had one minute.  We ran three trials and found the average number of beans collected (4).  We assigned each bean a value of $10 and then found the amount of time that would be needed to move $1,000,000 worth of beans…and $1,000,000,000 worth of beans.

Grace is not interested in spending the next forty-something years running beans back and forth across the house, so she’s decided to make her billion dollars in some other way. 😉  I did also mention that no one in this family was actually going to pay her to run those beans around….details, details.

Here are some rather blurry shots of this math lab in action…she was running and I was laughing, so the pictures suffered. 😉

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