The Non-Perfect Guide to Surviving a Move


Grace has been working on her nonfiction writing recently…here’s a sample about how to survive a move. 🙂

Rikki’s heart pounded. Her mom said this would be easy, but no one has said a word to her. She already dreaded her new school. That could be you, especially if you just moved to a new school or house. Hey, it’s hard! Even for dorks like me. If you need advice about a move (and just happen to be a tween-age girl) then look no further….

Rule number one: Be patient. It may take time for you to make friends and adjust to your new life. But, if you think no one’s going to come out and talk to you, start observing your class mates (without being stalker-like). If you think you’ve found someone you’ll like, then talk to them. Who said you can’t be the one to start a friendship? Rule number two: Be open, but still yourself. Try to try new things (except the school’s new Meatloaf Leftover Surprise), but add your own twist. That way you can show people who you really are while getting to know them better. But the third and utmost important rule EVER is: LET YOUR INNER DORK BREAK THROUGH!!! If you don’t, the world will just seem like a difficult place. Being yourself is way more important than pleasing others.

Take a test run! Try these tips out and comment your results. If it’s not working out, maybe I can try to help you. I may not be one of those teen trouble gurus from magazines, but I do know some stuff.

Talk to you later, fellow dorks!!


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