Skills and Topics: August 13 – August 17


Now that we’re back from our trip to Alabama, we should be getting back to a kinda, sorta regular schedule (with quite a few exceptions). 😉  We’re only going to have school 4 days in the upcoming week…here’s what we’ll be up to:

  • Language Arts:  Grace is currently tearing through the Harry Potter series.  I figure we’ll just roll with that until she finishes all seven books.  (She’s currently reading the third one.)  She’ll also be working on sequence of events as a reading skill and writing “how to” paragraphs.  Of course, there will be the ever-present grammar.
  • Math:  We’re going to keep working our way through Perfectly Perilous Math.  This week brings “The Gallon or The Gallows” and “Sage in the Tower.”  We’ll also be doing the accompanying math labs.  IXL and XtraMath are also on the agenda.
  • Social Studies:  Grace did an awesome job creating her “civilization” from scratch.  She is now studying the Mesopotamian civilizations.  We’ll finish up with our background information on that topic and begin an activity from Hands on History.  Grace will be “planning” a new civilization complete with laws, architecture, and inventions (among other things).
  • Science:  We’re still working with Chemistry Plus: The Alphabet of the Universe.  This week brings information about the noble gases, crystals, alkaline earth metals, and ionic bonds.  We’ll also be flame testing various salts and creating plaster of paris sculptures of our hands (and looking at the chemical reactions involved).
  • Spanish:  Grace will continue to use MindSnacks and other activities to study colors and days of the week.
  • Field Trips:  We don’t have any official field trips scheduled, but we will be going for a little hike because we need to gather some sand for a math lab…and just because hiking is fun. 🙂

That should keep us good and busy for the week. 🙂

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