Coffee in America


Grace is continuing her practice of nonfiction writing.  Today she worked on a sample that involves writing to give information and doing a little bit of research.  She wrote about one of my all time favorite topics. 🙂

Coffee in America

Coffee originally came from the Ethiopian highlands, where it slowly spread across the globe through trade and exploration. America, which was once property of Britain, did not start drinking coffee daily at the start. We drank tea instead. Of course, coffee was in America, but it was not very popular. Slowly, tea became less and less popular. One reason was the Boston Tea Party. A group of colonists threw a shipload of tea into the Boston Harbor to boycott the British tax policy. Coffee quickly began to take the place of the popular drink. Now, over 50% of adults in America drink coffee on a daily basis, and that percentage is still growing.

These are the URLs that I used to get information. All credit is given to the authors of the articles.

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