Skills and Topics: August 28 – August 31


We have had a fantastic week this week…and next week looks almost as awesome. 🙂  (Though I don’t think our regular studies can stand up to the zoo trip we took today.)

We’ve been doing short days of school during the summer, but it is time for us to go back to regular schedule.  We have one pretty big change in the schedule this year.  We’re calling it “Grace’s Choice.”  Each day Grace will get to pick an hour’s worth of activities to do.  She’ll have a list of activities (at least the first few weeks) to choose from.  The list this week includes things like geocaching, a math documentary, extra science experiments, extra reading, hiking, and so on.

Here’s what we’ll be up to:

  • Language Arts:  Grace will continue working with writing nonfiction.  This week she’ll be tackling comparing and contrasting.  She’ll also be working on using context clues to identify the meaning of unknown words.  Of course, she’ll also continue reading Harry Potter (she’s currently tearing through the fifth book).
  • Math:  We will keep working with The Book of Perfectly Perilous Math.  Grace will be writing secret codes and rationing water to ensure the survival of her and her friends. 😉  We’ll also be taking on some math labs that involve code-writing and ice cream (yum!).  Grace will be reviewing some skills in the areas of exponents and square roots.
  • Science:  Grace is having so much fun with her Mesopotamia lapbook, she decided science lapbooks would be fun, too.  So, of course, we’ll be working on a “Foundations of Chemistry” lapbook.  (What’s a lapbook, you ask?  Well, it’s really just a folder with a bunch of nifty and focused activities attached to it.)
  • Social Studies:  We will be finishing up our unit on Mesopotamia in the next week.  Grace will complete her Mesopotamia lapbook, and we will be reading Gilgamesh together.
  • Grace’s Choice:  Who can say?!?!?  I can’t wait to see which activities she chooses!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week ahead!  Check back tomorrow for the week’s pictures (including our zoo trip). 🙂

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  1. The whole thing about rationing water to ensure the survival of her and her friends sounds pretty cool. Will you’ll be writing more about that? I’d love to hear more about that!

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