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Skills and Topics: October 1 – October 5


Wow!  Our next couple of weeks are going to be so crazy that I’ve decided to loosen up on the whole “plan” thing for the time being.  I wouldn’t say we’ll be flying by the seats of our pants, but we’ll be using more of a “guideline” approach than a “structured plan” approach.  So, here’s what we’ll be up to. 🙂

  • Language Arts:  We will continue our literature unit for Holes.  We’ll also keep up with grammar, spelling, and personal narratives.
  • Math:  We’ll keep moving with Perfectly Perilous Math and consumer math.
  • Science:  The unit on light and sound continues!
  • Social Studies:  Grace will continue working with Ancient Egypt History Pockets.  (We may even finish this week!)
  • Grace’s Choice:  Well, we’ll just have to wait to see what she chooses. 😉  This week she chose building a compost bin and making “sun photos” with leaves found around the neighborhood.  😀
  • Field Trips:  If everything goes well (keep your fingers crossed), we’ll be going to a Q&A, book-signing event with one of Grace’s favorite authors.  We’ll also be going to a homeschool day at a local historic site…there will be presentations on 18th century science, craft-making, a maize maze, and hayrides.  We’re also (finally!) going to complete our second community project.

Have a fabulous week!

The Best Laid Plans ;)


The flexibility of homeschool is fantastic!  Even though I make all sorts of nifty plans every week, they can be ditched in a heartbeat if something more intriguing comes up.  🙂

So, what came up?  Building a compost bin of all things.  Grace went with me to buy the lumber for building the compost bin that I have in mind for the new house, and she became quite interested in the whole process.  She asked if she could help, and I thought I’d be quite the doofus to miss this chance.  Just think of all the skills involved!  *insert nerdly educator gigglesnort here*  (Annnnd we went to a “Surviving 19th Century Medicine” shindig this afternoon!)

The project will take us a few days to complete, but here are some pictures of the start we’ve made (I’ll post more pictures after we’ve finished):

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Recycling Persuasion


Here’s one of Grace’s writing samples from last week…she finished up her unit on writing nonfiction paragraphs with an attempt to persuade everyone to recycle. 🙂  And here it is:


Most people don’t really think about what they throw away, which is understandable.  It’s not like putting something in a box is complicated or time-consuming. It would be a lot better if more people would start recycling.  It’s just as easy as throwing your recyclables away.  It’s as simple as putting them in a different box or taking them to a separate dumpster.  Also, it can be fun.  Recycling isn’t just taking things to a recycling place; you can turn it into a craft!   Make a doll out of newspapers or a whale out of a box and bottle caps!  But most importantly, a little can go a long way.  One box of recyclables is that much less rotting away in a landfill.


Happy recycling!



Finding Area Can Be Fun


Grace’s adventures with Perfectly Perilous Math continue!  Today she had to do some quick thinking with area to save her behind.  😉  As usual, there was a spiffy math lab to go along with the challenge.

We started with a 6″ by 9″ piece of paper.  Grace had to determine a way to create two squares with an area of 9 square inches each and two rectangles with an area of 18 square inches each…her method had to use up all of the paper.  I’ll share some pictures, but I’ll hold off on sharing the answer in case your little mathematicians want to give it a go.  🙂  (I’ll include the answer in Sunday’s “Week in Pictures.”)

Needed tools.


Thinking, thinking, thinking (and probably wishing that I would go away). 🙂


Oh, isn’t measuring fun? 😀


This was a fun little activity that didn’t require a lot of prep or equipment.  Some kids, I know, will figure this out right away, but it’s still a quick and simple review of area and measurement.  Have fun!

Skills and Topics: September 24 – September 28


We have tons of plans for the week ahead!  Let’s hope we’re a bit more successful in actually accomplishing our plans this week. 😉

  • Language Arts:  Grace is all finished with The Red Pyramid, so we’ll be starting a literature unit with Holes.  She’ll also be working on grammar, main idea as a reading skill, and writing personal narratives.
  • Math:  Our Perfectly Perilous Math challenges will find us running from a tornado and re-carpeting a house. 🙂  Grace will also continue working on consumer math…sale prices, percentages, and calculating simple interest.
  • Science:  We will continue our study of waves, light, and sound this week.  We have some interesting (I hope) experiments coming up this week that I’m sure we’ll be sharing with you.
  • Social Studies:  We will continue working with History Pockets for Ancient Egypt…this week Grace will be learning about architecture and language.
  • Spanish:  Greetings, times, and dates.
  • Grace’s Choice:  Well, we’ll just have to wait to see what she chooses. 😉
  • Field Trips:  Grace has her second class in an Ecology series at the Nature Center.  We’ll also be learning about the freaky medical practices of the 18th and 19th centuries at a local historical site. 😀

Yep, that should keep us busy!  I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

More Scattered Than Usual


The reason we’ve been more scattered than usual around here is this:


Yep, we’ve decided to move waaaay out in the country and do life a little differently than what we’re used to. 😉  I’m afraid we’ll continue to be a bit scattered for the next few weeks as we go through the whole moving and adjusting process.  Homeschool will, of course, continue…it may just be a bit strange at times.  Speaking of homeschool, how awesome is it that Grace got to see the whole house-buying process?!?  She was with us at the bank, the real estate office, and the closing.  She was bored out of her mind, but at least she’s had some exposure to a task that I found quite daunting. 🙂

Soap Making


It’s Grace’s mom’s birthday today!  We’re big fans of handmade gifts at our house, so Grace and I used her “Grace’s Choice” hour yesterday to make some bee-yoo-tee-ful soaps for her mom.  😀  (Isn’t it awesome how homeschool allows you to explore such a huge variety of skills/activities/topics???)  Check out the pictures of the process below:

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Happy Birthday, Carrie! 😀

(Last) Week in Pictures

(Last) Week in Pictures

Wow…I’m even more behind schedule than usual.  Here are a few pictures from the past (rather uneventful) week.  Stupid colds kept us from a lot of our plans, but we’re back up to our usual nonsense this week. 😉

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