Doing Good in the Community


Grace and I have decided to start doing our best to do some good in our community.  This year we will be focusing on using our time, skills, and (a little) money to give back to the community.  (We won’t be spending a lot of money because, well, we don’t have a lot of money. 😉 )Our first project was donating supplies to a local women’s shelter.  Our next one will be picking up trash in a local park that we go to frequently.  You can keep up with our community projects on this part of the blog: Community Good.

If you have any suggestions for our projects, please drop us a comment.  Looking for community projects to take on yourself?  Feel free to check our list frequently to see if any of our projects are a good fit for you and your family. 😀

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  1. When I was in Girl Scouts we did a project for a local shelter where we got a list of needed supplies, then packed and decorated a shoe box full of those supplies to donate to a local family shelter for Christmas. Those boxes would be going to the kids for Christmas presents. They had a list of supplies, toothbrushes, toothpaste, basic school supplies like crayons and pencils, that they highly suggested as needed goods, then you could put in whatever else you wanted. Then we decorated cards and gave them to the collection center to be distributed to the kids. Having lived in a shelter with my daughter, I can tell you that’s a gift those kids will never forget.

    Other suggestions? Tree planing for Earth day (you can often get them for free from various local foundations), volunteering to read to the elderly at a nursing home (actually, any activity to give the residents company and/or entertainment is usually appreciated), organize a community clean-up where a whole group goes out to clean up a park or other area that really needs it, volunteer at charity events, run a collection of canned goods to donate to the local food drive from your community (clothes and other household goods for shelters are great too). Those are all things we did with our Girl Scout troop and I hope to be able to do some of them again with my kids when we’re better able.

  2. You could plant a raspberry garden for your neighbors. It might take a year or two to produce fruit but they grow like weeds. My 100 square ft garden produces a couple handfuls a day in July. I hear that beans are the next easiest vegetable or fruit to grow.

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