A Couple of Mysterious Characters


This isn’t so much a story as an abstract of a couple of (very awesome) characters that Grace came up with.  She plinked this out on her iPod while riding to Alabama…always finding a way to write, that one. 😀  Enjoy!





The image has stained my mind. It sends chills down my spine and makes my heart pound. I’m positive I’ve seen him before. I didn’t mean to capture his silhouette in the alley. His shining green eyes and blue-black hair are strangely familiar, but I’m sure I’ve never seen him before.



I tried to hide my face when she looked over. I made sure she didn’t get a clear shot, but she still remembers. Her deep blue eyes still stare at my image. She still furrows her perfect brow trying to recall her memories. I was sure she didn’t remember, but now…torturing her like this is killing me.


My head is burning and my vision is going dark. My hands reach for something to support me and fall on my old jewelry box. Fire runs through my veins when I touch it, and I love it. As I open the lid, the burning grows. I scan the assorted rings and necklaces hungrily. I spot a silver chain and pull it out. Energy zaps my fingertips and I study the black crystal. Suddenly, a memory breaks through.

He breaks through.

I remember.

*  *  *

The cold seeps through my bones and the wind whips my face. The snow is blinding me, so I follow the music. His voice fills my head, bringing warmth with every soothing note. Strength boils in my blood like fire. My legs carry me only so far before they sink to the ground, all strength gone. His voice fades slowly, my heartbeat with it. I need to make it to him, but I can’t go on. Suddenly, all I see is his face, still perfectly broken. All pain and sorrow has left me as I walk on. His soul fills my absent mind, sending me running through the snow. I can make it. I can make it. I can’t make it without him, but I do.


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  1. She has some great characterization going on. I’d love to see more. If she wants some tips, email me, and I’d be happy to help her work out a few kinks.

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