Skills and Topics: September 10 – September 14


Another full week of getting our learn on ahead!

  • Language Arts:  Grace has finished the sixth book in the Harry Potter series and has made quite a dent in the seventh.  I think we’ll be finishing up the series this week.  We’ll be starting two new grammar programs this week…we’ll be working on a grammar folder similar to our history and science folders and a Daily Written Language book.   (Grace’s content in writing is fabulous….grammar and spelling, not so much. 😉 )  Grace will also be working on identifying main ideas (easy, breezy) and writing an evaluation paragraph.
  • Math:  We will continue with Perfectly Perilous Math.  This week’s adventures include escaping from a cursed Egyptian tomb, looking at the Fibonacci numbers in nature, crossing a perilous rope bridge in time to catch a rescue helicopter, and playing with spatial relations and measurements.  Fun!  Grace will also continue taking on the world of money math…she’ll be learning a lot about unit rates, percentages, and finding the “better deal.”
  • Science:  Grace will be starting a series of classes about Ecology this week at the Nature Center.  She’ll also be starting her classes at the Science Center (learning about endangered species).  (Of course, these two classes fall on the same day, so that ought to be a fun one. 😉 )  We will be beginning our study of light this week, too.  (That’s all part of the “big picture” topic of waves.)  She’ll also finish reading It’s Perfectly Normal.
  • Social Studies:  We actually rearranged our plans for Egypt last week.  We decided to start with our History Pockets instead of Hands on History.  We’ll still do the Hands on History activities…that will just happen a couple of weeks from now.  For this week, we’ll continue with our History Pockets.  This week we’ll be looking at the government of Ancient Egypt.
  • Spanish:  Pronouns, gender, question words, and family are in our future.
  • Grace’s Choice:  Well, we’ll just have to wait to see what she chooses. 😉  This week she chose watching a documentary on ancient civilizations, writing stories, and practicing her knitting.  😀
  • Field Trips:  In addition to the science classes mentioned above, we’ll be going on a trash pick-up mission in a local park as part of our community good project.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Enjoy reading your blog! Great ideas and love reading Grace’s fiction! Saw you were doing Spanish and wanted to let you know there is a beginning Spanish class starting up this week on Wednesday at 11AM at Elements 4 Life (across the street from The Bradford Store on 73/Sam Furr). I wasn’t sure which yahoo groups you’re on so didn’t know if you’d seen it/were interested. Carolyn Walker is arranging it through her Woodlands Discovery program but it’s being taught by LKN Language Academy. So far there are two 10 yr olds (almost 11), an 11 yr old, a 14 yr old and a couple of younger children. It’s the most reasonable language class I’ve found ($10 per class) + $15 for the workbook. Trying to get the word out so that they have enough kids to have it be offerred for the whole year. Here is Carolyn’s email if you’re interested in having Grace try the class:

    Have fun in ecology this week! We were wait listed for that class and got the call on Friday that the spot had opened up but we’d already scheduled something else for that time. Sounds like it will be a great class!

    • Thank you so much for the information! We are actually in the process of buying a house in (way-out-in-the-country) Monroe, so I’m trying to not commit to new activities in this area. Otherwise, I would have certainly been interested! I’m sad that our almost-weekly jaunts to the Nature Center will become an actual “field trip” once we move, but we’re all excited about living in the country. 🙂

      And thank you for the kind words about the blog! 😀

  2. Moving to the country – I’m jealous! As I’ve been reading your blog I was hoping we could get the girls together (mine is almost 11 & we live in Davidson)… I thought they might have a lot in common. Bummed to hear you’re moving! The Spanish class is currently just paid a month at a time so if you were interested in a few classes before your move I know Carolyn would be fine with that. Will still enjoy reading your adventures on the blog…. it’s inspiring me to think about doing one for our family. Oh… one of the girls in Grace’s Ecology class is a close friend of my daughter’s. Her friend’s name is Sydney – tell Grace that Sydney is really nice and also likes to write. Have a great Sunday!

    • I’m all for getting the girls together even if we are moving! We’ll still be in the Charlotte/Huntersville/Davidson area from fairly often for one thing or another. Grace’s mom and step-dad live in the area, too, so we’ll be back and forth a lot. 🙂

      I’ll be sure to let Grace know about Sydney. 😀

      If you start a blog, be sure to let me know…I’d love to read it! 🙂

  3. I found the coolest book at a thrift store today. It’s Exploring Harry Potter by Elizabeth Schafer. It explains with source notes and tons of resources how to use the Potter books as curriculum.

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