The Superiority of Typing


Grace continues her pursuits in nonfiction writing.  Join us as she evaluates and opines about the superiority of typing. 😉



Some kids (like me) don’t have very good handwriting and don’t really enjoy writing with a pencil and paper. That’s why I think typing is more efficient, or “better,” than writing by hand. While typing, handwriting isn’t a problem; your words are always easy to read. Also, the computer checks your spelling for you. But my favorite part of typing is the fact that your hand doesn’t cramp up as easily. I must warn you, this is only my opinion. I know that typing isn’t better for everyone.


Happy typing!



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  1. I would agree that I like my children to learn typing, but I don’t think I would say it is better. Both have their places in education. A computer will not always be around or able to be used. I don’t know how many kids have filled out SAT’s and job applications with such ridiculous penmanship, they were marked down because we couldn’t read what they were saying.
    While it might be a struggle, I do make my children write well. They will thank me for it when they are adults.

  2. Ah, but if you keep a diary in cursive handwriting, here’s the thing: Nobody reads cursive anymore. It’s like having your own secret code!

    I agree that typing is more economical for most things, but I find I have a strong connection between handwriting and emotion. When I get frustrated, I’ve gotta scribble out some sloppy words on real paper. Also, there’s nothing like receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. 🙂

  3. Grace, I’m with you. I can type much faster than I can write. I do like to make cards and send hand written notes to my friends.

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