Skills and Topics: September 24 – September 28


We have tons of plans for the week ahead!  Let’s hope we’re a bit more successful in actually accomplishing our plans this week. 😉

  • Language Arts:  Grace is all finished with The Red Pyramid, so we’ll be starting a literature unit with Holes.  She’ll also be working on grammar, main idea as a reading skill, and writing personal narratives.
  • Math:  Our Perfectly Perilous Math challenges will find us running from a tornado and re-carpeting a house. 🙂  Grace will also continue working on consumer math…sale prices, percentages, and calculating simple interest.
  • Science:  We will continue our study of waves, light, and sound this week.  We have some interesting (I hope) experiments coming up this week that I’m sure we’ll be sharing with you.
  • Social Studies:  We will continue working with History Pockets for Ancient Egypt…this week Grace will be learning about architecture and language.
  • Spanish:  Greetings, times, and dates.
  • Grace’s Choice:  Well, we’ll just have to wait to see what she chooses. 😉
  • Field Trips:  Grace has her second class in an Ecology series at the Nature Center.  We’ll also be learning about the freaky medical practices of the 18th and 19th centuries at a local historical site. 😀

Yep, that should keep us busy!  I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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