Finding Area Can Be Fun


Grace’s adventures with Perfectly Perilous Math continue!  Today she had to do some quick thinking with area to save her behind.  😉  As usual, there was a spiffy math lab to go along with the challenge.

We started with a 6″ by 9″ piece of paper.  Grace had to determine a way to create two squares with an area of 9 square inches each and two rectangles with an area of 18 square inches each…her method had to use up all of the paper.  I’ll share some pictures, but I’ll hold off on sharing the answer in case your little mathematicians want to give it a go.  🙂  (I’ll include the answer in Sunday’s “Week in Pictures.”)

Needed tools.


Thinking, thinking, thinking (and probably wishing that I would go away). 🙂


Oh, isn’t measuring fun? 😀


This was a fun little activity that didn’t require a lot of prep or equipment.  Some kids, I know, will figure this out right away, but it’s still a quick and simple review of area and measurement.  Have fun!

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