Recycling Persuasion


Here’s one of Grace’s writing samples from last week…she finished up her unit on writing nonfiction paragraphs with an attempt to persuade everyone to recycle. 🙂  And here it is:


Most people don’t really think about what they throw away, which is understandable.  It’s not like putting something in a box is complicated or time-consuming. It would be a lot better if more people would start recycling.  It’s just as easy as throwing your recyclables away.  It’s as simple as putting them in a different box or taking them to a separate dumpster.  Also, it can be fun.  Recycling isn’t just taking things to a recycling place; you can turn it into a craft!   Make a doll out of newspapers or a whale out of a box and bottle caps!  But most importantly, a little can go a long way.  One box of recyclables is that much less rotting away in a landfill.


Happy recycling!



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