The Best Laid Plans ;)


The flexibility of homeschool is fantastic!  Even though I make all sorts of nifty plans every week, they can be ditched in a heartbeat if something more intriguing comes up.  🙂

So, what came up?  Building a compost bin of all things.  Grace went with me to buy the lumber for building the compost bin that I have in mind for the new house, and she became quite interested in the whole process.  She asked if she could help, and I thought I’d be quite the doofus to miss this chance.  Just think of all the skills involved!  *insert nerdly educator gigglesnort here*  (Annnnd we went to a “Surviving 19th Century Medicine” shindig this afternoon!)

The project will take us a few days to complete, but here are some pictures of the start we’ve made (I’ll post more pictures after we’ve finished):

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