Skills and Topics: October 1 – October 5


Wow!  Our next couple of weeks are going to be so crazy that I’ve decided to loosen up on the whole “plan” thing for the time being.  I wouldn’t say we’ll be flying by the seats of our pants, but we’ll be using more of a “guideline” approach than a “structured plan” approach.  So, here’s what we’ll be up to. 🙂

  • Language Arts:  We will continue our literature unit for Holes.  We’ll also keep up with grammar, spelling, and personal narratives.
  • Math:  We’ll keep moving with Perfectly Perilous Math and consumer math.
  • Science:  The unit on light and sound continues!
  • Social Studies:  Grace will continue working with Ancient Egypt History Pockets.  (We may even finish this week!)
  • Grace’s Choice:  Well, we’ll just have to wait to see what she chooses. 😉  This week she chose building a compost bin and making “sun photos” with leaves found around the neighborhood.  😀
  • Field Trips:  If everything goes well (keep your fingers crossed), we’ll be going to a Q&A, book-signing event with one of Grace’s favorite authors.  We’ll also be going to a homeschool day at a local historic site…there will be presentations on 18th century science, craft-making, a maize maze, and hayrides.  We’re also (finally!) going to complete our second community project.

Have a fabulous week!

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