Holes Book Review


Stanley Yelnats was a normal boy.  He went to school, got picked on by the school bully, and then mentally strangled him.  But, thanks to his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather, Stanley has always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. One day, after fishing his notebook out of a toilet, Stanley gets hit in the head by a pair of shoes.  Thinking that the shoes could be some sign of good luck, Stanley keeps them.  But it turns out the shoes were stolen from a famous baseball player, and Stanley is charged as the thief. The judge says that Stanley can either go to jail, or he can go to Camp Green Lake.  Stanley chose the camp.

Stanley has always wanted to go to camp, but his parents could never afford it.  The thing is, Camp Green Lake is no ordinary camp.  For one thing, nothing is green, and there’s no water within a hundred miles of the camp.  Campers there dig one hole a day, five feet wide, and five feet deep.  Their counselor says they dig to build character, but Stanley doesn’t believe it.  He thinks the Warden is looking for something.  Can Stanley find out what, or will he be stuck only with holes?

Holes was written by Louis Sachar.  I absolutely love this book and was sad when I was finished.

My favorite character is Zero, one of Stanley’s fellow campers.  He’s quiet and keeps to himself, like me (most of the time). I love the fact that he’s awesome at math, but can’t read.

Your life is full of holes, unless you read Holes!


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