The True History of Hello Kitty


Another nonfiction sample from Grace:


The True History of Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty was originally created to fit on a coin purse in 1974 by the Japanese company Sanrio. She was created as a white Japanese Bobtail with big ears, dots for eyes, a yellow dot for a nose, no mouth, and a signature red bow in her left ear. Hello Kitty was created to be able to relate to pre-teen girls.  With her no mouth and blank stare, young girls could imply their own emotions into the lovable cat. She weighed the same as three apples and stood five apples tall (including her ears). Even though she was introduced to the world as a Japanese character, Hello Kitty herself lived in London.  She lived in the suburbs with her mother, father, and sister.  Her name was Kitty White.  Her sister, Mimmy White, looked identical to Kitty, only she had a yellow bow on her right ear.  The White family was introduced to America in 1976, shortly after their creation in Japan. All around the world, children, teens, and even adults (my stepmom included) fell in love with such a wonderful character.

 Hey, you can’t refuse such a cute cat!



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