A School Day (Personal Narrative Sample)


Here’s a small sample of some personal narrative writing from Grace.  Her assignment was to write a letter to a friend about her day at school. 🙂

Dear Destiny,

School today was awesome!  We started off with a little reading. Fortunately I had finished the last book in the Percy Jackson series last night, so I could start on the first book in the Heroes of Olympus.  I got through a good chunk of it before we did grammar.  I whizzed through that…strange, grammar usually takes a good 15 minutes.  I guess I was just lucky.  After a good, educational sandwich, it was time for math.  Now, you know me, I usually love math, but today we were reviewing start and end times, and it seemed to go on FOREVER.   Finally, after a long hour of math, it was sweet, sweet science homework time.  I got to sniff, look at, and poke a bottle full of rotting food with brown watery stuff and write down my observations.  After that pleasant experience, I read a little about some funky, gazelle-looking thing that stands on its hind legs to get food.  Apparently, it reaches the plants that are too high for gazelles and too low for the giraffes. Cool!  Finally, after a long, hard day of school, the whole family (except Daddy and Emily and Frank the Dog) sat down to watch an episode of “Out of Egypt” about devil-like creatures in Ancient Egypt, Rome, and other places.

Send me a letter about one of your awesome school days! I’ll even give you a whole, U.S. penny! 

See ya soon!


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  1. My favorite line is “good, educational sandwich” :-p. In my homeschool days, we went through a phase of good, educational games of Scrabble or Pente following lunch. (Haven’t heard of Pente? It’s like chess, but for people who have short attention spans and like to play with shiny objects.)

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