Happy Halloween!


We are having a pretty laid back day for Halloween, but we have had some educational, spooky fun. 😉

We started our day with reading some Edgar Allan Poe stories and poems.  Then Grace read about zombies and other spooky topics in Muse magazine.  (Thanks to Amy and crew at Turning Over a New Leaf!)

It’s important to brush up on your zombie knowledge at every opportunity! 😉

Of course, the real fun was on Monday with our pumpkin carving.  We planned our pumpkin in our traditional way, but Daddy let Grace play a way bigger part in creating a template and carving.

We always start our carving ritual with each of us drawing a face for our pumpkin.


Then we take a family vote on best eyes, nose, and mouth.


Then…presto, whammo! We have a jack-o-lantern. 😀


All of the “Grace carving” and “Grace cleaning a pumpkin” pictures are currently on her Daddy’s phone…I’ll be sharing those this weekend in “The Week in Pictures.”  Until then, amuse yourself with this bit of artwork Grace created from the Halloween candy:

Happy Halloween!!!  We hope everyone has a super-fun and safe night!



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  1. I really like the combination of all the drawings for your pumpkin. I think “he” is real cute!! I especially like his eyes!!! Love y’all!

  2. And when the pumpkins come in for the night tonight, you do some research on the net to see how best to eat them – very rich in antioxidants! And if you don’t already know about Auntie O, you can look her up on my site 🙂 Boo!

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