Monthly Archives: November 2012

Our Table


Last year at Thanksgiving we decided to use our chalkboard table to document all of things we were thankful for. This year we decided to make it an annual tradition. Before packing up to go to Grandma’s house, we covered our table in the oh-so-many things we are grateful for. Frank even got his own section since he has so much to be thankful for. 🙂

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and has all that they need to be thankful for! 😀



So Sorry!


Dear, sweet blog readers, we are so sorry that we’ve abandoned you since Halloween.  Just when we thought things were calming down, life got nutty. Nothing bad (in fact, mostly good), but time-consuming to say the least.

We hope to be back and posting regularly this week.

So, what’s the biggest time consumer here lately?  Well, as some of you may know, Grace and I are both working on writing our first novels.  And, as some of you may know, writing novels takes a lot of time.  Of course, we’re still getting our school on, working on our new house, volunteering, and having social lives in addition to all of that writing. 🙂

Grace will actually be on Thanksgiving break for almost two weeks (visiting Grandma takes time!), but I think we’ve got some things to share in the meantime.  One way or another, we promise not to leave you in the cold for as long as we have this time. 😉