It’s Our Step-iversary!


Eight years ago, I married my very most favorite fella in all the land.  This is him…

Love, love, love! :)

Love, love, love! 🙂

But something else really important happened that day, too.  I officially became Grace’s step-mom.  I have been so very fortunate to have such a wonderful step-daughter, so I like to acknowledge our “step-iversary.”  Grace is an extremely thoughtful, bright, clever, funny, easygoing young woman and it has been a joy (most days 😉 ) to be part of her life.  I look forward to being there as she continues to grow into an awesome grown up.  I am so proud of her, I just might pop. 😀

Picture 797

Love, love, love! 🙂


Happy Step-iversary, Grace! 😀

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  1. Thanks, Emily! I know that you love my children very much and now you are one!! I appreciate all the kind words about John and Grace. Y’all are such a happy “little” family. I appreciate you more every day! Love all of you so very much. Happy Anniversary!!! 🙂

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