What We’re Up To


Here’s what we’ll be doing this week:

In math, we did some “nautical math” today with Perfectly Perilous Math.  Grace converted between miles and nautical miles while solving a multi-step word problem.  (Had she failed, her whole crew would have mutinied!)  We also made an astrolabe and did some goofy angle calculating.  Grace is also working on problem solving skills on IXL…those pursuits will continue throughout the week.  More fun math stuff?  We’ll be looking at water pressure and measurement.

Language Arts is all about The Hobbit this week.  We had to do some quick rescheduling of reading materials when I realized the movie comes out this week.  Grace is busting her booty to get the book read before we go to see the movie.  Not wanting to leave a ton of awesome literary activities behind, we decided to focus on the literature unit stuff after she’s read the whole book…we just don’t have to time to get it read and do all of the activities in one week. 😉  Okay, so it’s not all about The Hobbit.  We’ll also be working on grammar, sentence structure, and personal narratives.

Science is going to be full of experimenting fun…kind of.  We will be doing one experiment that involves a rather indirect way of blowing up balloons, but Grace will also be reviewing and learning more about the scientific method.  We’ve started a new science program (the last one we were using was boring and wrong for us, so we’ve thrown it away…isn’t homeschool grand?), so we’ve done a bit of rewinding. 🙂

Social Studies is all about Ancient China for the next couple of weeks.  Grace is working on one of those nifty history folders.  Never fear, there will be pictures!  (We’ll also be doing some Hands on History, but that will come later.)

Other than that?  Grace has class at the Science Center this week (always fun!).  She’ll also be helping me paint her bedroom.  That’s a process everyone should go through. 😉  It’s not really school, but we’re almost finished watching all of the Harry Potter movies.  Just one to go!  Since Grace tore through all of the books, we decided it would be fun to watch all of the movies together.

That’s what will be keeping us busy this week.

Have a fabulous week!

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  1. Have fun reading The Hobbit! What color is the bedroom? I think I painted mine pink in middle school, and then a dark purple in high school, which I want to lighten up a bit now that I’m living at home for a time. For now, my parents are giving me some cash to paint the whole rest of the house. I’m getting tired of paintbrushes!

    • She wants her room to be white (it’s blue now…that’s the color it was when we moved in). She has sort of a minimalist, Japanese theme going, so white fits. I, too, am tired of paintbrushes. It seems that every room in our new place needs painting. Ugh.

  2. Wow. I think I must join your classes 🙂 I couldn’t bring myself in reading The Hobbit or any other LOTR novels. They are just not for me.

    I love history, and I would like to read more about Ancient China, Greece, and Roman 🙂

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