Teachers Are Awesome


We were going to post some pictures on the blog yesterday, but it suddenly seemed trivial in light of the events in Connecticut, so we opted to wait.  Since then, I’ve not been able to stop thinking about that school and what happened.  To think about the fear and confusion and death of that many children breaks my heart.  I actually sat down and cried (something I don’t do often…and admit to even less often) after reading the news reports.

I’ve also been thinking about the teachers of that school.  No doubt some of them died attempting to protect their students.

I taught middle school for seven years.  Though I detested the policies, the paperwork, and the testing, I had the pleasure of working with some incredible teachers.  It might sound kind of hokey, but when students are in your classroom, it really is like they are your children while they’re there.  It is a teacher’s job to care for, discipline, and guide students…you can’t do that day after day without having a genuine sense of parental bond.  When teachers talk to other teachers, they refer to their students as “my kids,” “my babies,”  or “my children,” not “students.”

So, if your children are in public school, please know this: Regardless of how you feel about a teacher’s grading policies or attitude or level of experience, that teacher would, without hesitation, put herself (or himself) in harm’s way to protect your child.  Of the teachers I used to work with, I can’t think of a single one who wouldn’t put their own lives in danger to save “their children.”  I suspect the same is true in schools across the country.

So, go hug a teacher because they’re a pretty awesome crowd. 🙂

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