What We’re Up To


We have tons of stuff on our plate for this week…as usual. 😉

Today, Grace started reading Three Cups of Tea (the Young Reader’s Edition), had a super-short math lab to investigate water pressure, and visited with some reptiles at the Cold Blooded Encounters.  Of course, that was on top of tackling some grammar and math review.

So, what’s in store for the rest of the week?

Language Arts:  Grace will continue reading Three Cups of Tea.  She’ll also finish up a unit on sentence structure and (finally, finally!) a unit on personal narratives.

Math:  We’ll continue with Perfectly Perilous Math, math labs and all.  (I’m sad that we’re almost finished with this book.)  Grace will also be working on her problem-solving skills on IXL.

Science:  Grace will keep working with Spectrum Science to learn more about conducting good experiments.  She also has a Nature Explorations class at the Nature Center…I’m sure we’ll have some good pictures from that one. 😉

Social Studies:  We’re still learning about Ancient China…this will be on our agenda until after New Year’s.

Field Trips:  Grace has her first class in a three-part series to learn about orienteering.  (I am so jealous that this class isn’t for grown ups!)  She also has the previously mentioned Nature Explorations class and trip to Cold Blooded Encounters.

Community Good:  We’ll be helping out at the Literacy Council again this week by covering phone duty while the staff has a much-deserved Christmas lunch.

Yep, we’ll be good and busy the rest of the week.  That’s okay…we’ll have the next week and a half to recover. 🙂

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