Middle School Chemistry


So, Grace and I started using Spectrum Science a few weeks ago to get a broad overview of science for the sixth grade.  It’s a really good resource with accessible and interesting reading passages.  A lot of the questions accompanying each passage actually make a person think, rather than just regurgitating what was just read.  There’s just one problem…there are very few hands-on activities.  Well, as some of you may have gathered, Grace is a hands on kind of girl.  Especially with science.  So, I went questing (if sitting in my chair and clicking links and whatnot can be considered a quest) and found Middle School Chemistry.

It. Is. Fabulous.

Middle School Chemistry is a homeschool teacher’s dream.  The lessons are laid out in a clear and logical order.  The site provides student reading, activity sheets, full lesson plans, relevant multimedia – everything you could possibly want to plan a lesson.  The supplies needed in the activities we’ve done so far are already in our home or cheap to acquire.  Did I mention that the site is beautifully organized and easy to deal with?  And it’s free! Just fabulous.

It also has nifty features like providing the standards addressed in each lesson by your grade level and state…you know, if you’re into that sort of thing. 😉

If you’re teaching those middle school years, the site is definitely-super-100% worth checking out. 🙂  (No, I wasn’t paid or encouraged in any way to write this…I just really think it’s that awesome and wanted to share.)

Here are some pictures of Grace doing the first lesson earlier this week:

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